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What I can offer

I offer bespoke coaching in all aspects of British culture for non-native English speakers. I specialise in one-to-one business English training, conversational fluency and accent reduction.

This can include developing confidence and assertiveness in both business and social situations, finessing presentation skills, and assisting with preparation for British citizenship.

I also offer fascinating and informative curated visits which can be individually tailored to meet your specific tastes and requirements.

These provide a fascinating insight into historic houses and gardens, art galleries and museums, opera and theatre, as well as major sporting events across the UK.

My lively and interactive sessions help you to really understand Britain and the British way of life. So if you want to learn more and experience things like…

    • The Arts, Architecture or Afternoon Tea
    • Dress codes, British Idioms and Etiquette
    • Cricket, Transport or Sunday Roast
    • Classical music, Classic Cars or the Monarchy
    • British film, Period drama or Soap operas

…get in touch and we’ll talk!

About me

I have extensive experience working with both high net worth individuals and professionals from all over the world. I have helped them to:

    • develop confidence in English speaking
    • improve their English language and communication skills
    • build more meaningful relationships
    • gain an in-depth knowledge of ‘Britishness’ for both tourism and business 

A graduate in music from King’s College, Cambridge and a qualified EFL language teacher, I launched my consultancy service in 2015. Since then I have worked with individuals, international families and senior executives from across the globe. 

In addition, I am a professional musician as well as course director and lecturer for one of the world’s leading tour companies.

“Nigel is extremely professional, always positive, and very knowledgeable - especially about history, music and the arts. I learned so much and highly recommend him!”

Tomoki Matsushita, Japan

“You organised our day perfectly. Although I had spent three years living in Oxford, l learnt more in that afternoon than ever before.”

Charles Saunders, Oxfordshire

“Nigel taught me English through museum and city visits, made me read many key books and corrected me every time when it was needed. He understood the environment in which I would be spending my future life in this country and steered our lessons accordingly.”

Gergely Pajor, Honorary Consul of Hungary in the East of England

“Nigel is creative, funny and, above all, an expert in English communication and British culture. He is always willing to adapt the lessons to meet your developing needs. If you’re looking for an English communication and cultural expert, Nigel is the best!"

Ricardo Sánchez, Columbia

“Nigel has a lot of experience with non-native English speakers and has a fantastic ear; from the first lesson, he could quickly pinpoint my most common mistakes and gave instant feedback in a gentle and easy manner. I have great respect for Nigel, and I would highly recommend him.”

Diogo Machado, London/Brazil

“Being new to the UK, Nigel’s personalised curated tours of Oxford and London were a welcoming encounter with a strong sense of professionalism and trust. His insightful knowledge of British culture and extensive grasp of historical awareness was generously shared during our meetings."

Justin W Khoo, Malaysia

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